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Why the Cloud?

Reduced costs

Flexibility and scalability - Only pay for what you use

Mobility and agility - Empowers people to work from a variety of locations through a variety of devices (Desktop Computers, Smart Phones, Tablets).

Business continuity - Even if there is a fire, flood, theft or technology outage, your business can function as normal

Features & benefits

• 125GB per mailbox - Each mailbox user has access to a massive 125GB of online messaging space, more than enough for many years of email storage

Up to 10 aliases per mailbox - Each mailbox can have an additional 10 aliases attached at no extra cost

Shared Calendars and Contacts – Collaborate with everyone by using shared calendars and contact lists.

Delegate Access - For example, a senior manager may require a secretary to view his or her mailbox, and send on behalf of the manager


Month-by-month billing

No long-term contract – We don’t tie you into a long-term contract

Technical support – We’re on hand to give you all the help you need

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