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 Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Internet Security.

Anti-virus software comprises normally of a suite of programs which are running in the background of your computer or device. It is designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software programs such as Virus’s, Worms, Trojans. Malware and Ransomware.

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Viruses exist on the local device and spreads from one computer to another through sharing of "infected" files. Depending on the virus pay load, it can remove\modify applications, system files and can prevent the computer from operating.

A computer Worm is a self-replicating computer program that penetrates an operating system with the intent of spreading malicious code. Worms utilize networks to send copies of the original code to other computers, causing harm by consuming bandwidth or possibly deleting files or sending documents via email. Worms can also install backdoors on computers.

Trojan is a type of malware designed to provide unauthorized, remote access to a user’s computer. Trojan’s do not have the ability to replicate themselves like viruses; however, they can lead to viruses being installed on a machine since they allow the computer to be controlled by the Trojan creator.

Malware is software that is designed specifically to damage the computer without your knowledge. It can take many forms, including viruses, key loggers etc…  basically any software is considered Malware that is used to disrupt your normal computer operations.


Ransomware is a computer malware program that installs unknowingly onto your system and then systematically encrypt’s your data. Your data is only unencrypted once a ransom fee is paid. Its not recommend to pay, the best protection against this is to make sure your anti-virus package is up to date and also make sure you have good backups.


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