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Depending on your requirements, access can be granted by

Door entry solutions are necessary in areas where either doors or gates need to be locked, but visitors & staff still need to be permitted access. The most common types are audio based, with a simple call button, calling through to a phone based handset with a door release button.

Video options are becoming more popular, which includes a camera on the calling panel which streams a live image to the internal handset allowing the visitor to be identified.

Audio\Video Door Entry

Remote Door Entry

We can provide a system that opens a door on another building, many miles away, using your mobile phone (Paxton Net2 Anywhere) or an office computer. This can prove useful for allowing contractors into an un-manned building.  

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Benefits of Controlled Access

An access control system allows you to know when and who enters your premises, whilst giving you the ability to limit entry to those staff and visitors entitled to have access. An access system acts as a visible deterrent, whether it is fitted to a single entrance or widely applied to a site with multiple doors and different access zones.

Main advantages of access control :-