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Secure Data Removal Service. Data Wipe

Thinking of replacing your old computer ?

“I’ll just copy the data from the old to the New one

Then throw the old one away!”



Erased files can be recovered in part or in-full.

In today's life we all have important data stored on our computers.

Bank Records, Personal data,Password Files

Stored Passwords in Windows

Family Photos and so on……

All this information is very valuable to fraudsters.

Here at T & S Solutions we offer a service to collect your old computer,

Wipe the entire contents of your hard drive.

The data will be removed to

Britsih Security Standard HMG IS5 Enhanced.

3 Passes & Verification

Pass 1 : Writes a zero

Pass 2 : Writes a FF

Pass 3: Writes a random character

Once all data has been wiped a Certificate is issued.

Prices start from £ 25.99 + VAT per Computer

(Depending on location and Quantity).

Call us today on 01785 213 856

For more information on how we can help your business.

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